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190 North Main Street
Florence MA


Nova Design Studios works on architecture in a creative and exciting way, combining the skills of the best minds and hands in the Valley. We design and build innovative, beautiful, vernacular New England architecture.




An Unbuilt Project:

The program is for a small-envelope studio, providing workspace for two, conference space, guest space, and an outdoor lounge / deck.  The building would minimally impact the site, be as energy efficient as possible, and can be built for less than $50,000. 

While not "pre-fab," the building would be build entirely from standardized, “off-the-shelf” materials.  To minimize waste, we laid out the building to make best use of available materials.  A stick framed structure, the building will be set on piers; seemingly floating above the land with deck platforms cascading down to meet the forest floor.  The studio is sheathed entirely in 4’ x 8’ sheet materials: sheets of marine grade plywood cover all horizontal planes, and sheets of painted Hardie Panel finish all vertical planes.  Sliding windows at each end—as well as a 12’ sliding door—allow for ventilation, and fixed glass extending vertically from desk to ceiling opens the view to the surroundings.