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190 North Main Street
Florence MA


Nova Design Studios works on architecture in a creative and exciting way, combining the skills of the best minds and hands in the Valley. We design and build innovative, beautiful, vernacular New England architecture.



An Unbuilt Project:

This 575 SF living space/studio would take its steeply pitched gable-roof form from the existing house.  The ridge of the gable would be sliced off in its entirety, leaving a 2’-6” wide “skyspace”, running the length of the building.  From within, the living space/studio would be a single, open volume—a smooth, white container luminously reflecting the light from the opening above.  Simple built-in furniture would partition and delineate the function of each area: Entry, Bath, Dining, Cooking, Living, Painting, and Sleeping.  Throughout the day, the changing color and light of the sky would continuously animate the space.

With Austin Design, 2007

Sky Space House.jpg