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190 North Main Street
Florence MA


Nova Design Studios works on architecture in a creative and exciting way, combining the skills of the best minds and hands in the Valley. We design and build innovative, beautiful, vernacular New England architecture.


261_Curved Wall 1 - Color.jpg

Renovation of the upper two floors of a brick building.  

Exposing the original brick party walls, restoring the original arch top windows, and installing an exposed steel beam allowed us to open the living space up both materially and structurally.  

Innovative details allow the elements of the space to be completely revealed. Recessed shade pockets allow for the windows to open completely or the shades to close for privacy. The space is very clean and modern, though the elements themselves are rich with historic character.

With Kuhn Riddle Architects, 2012  +   Renaissance Builders  +  Steel Cabinetry: Steelhead Studios

Photographs by Chattman Photography